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traffic and weather. for that, we are going to kristy. good morning. >> good morning. temperatures today on the cool side once again. but maybe even a little more sunshine than we saw yesterday. san francisco topping out at 60 today, partly sunny skies, same story for oakland although warmer there. san jose and concord in the low 70s today and plenty of sunshine there. so something to look forward to this afternoon. more late your but gianna has traffic. >> right now to the bay bridge toll plaza, we are starting to see some extra volume. a few more cars on the roads. good news the metering lights are still off. but a little sluggish working your way up the incline. we have troubles in san jose. we'll have a look at that coming right up. but right now let's back to you guys. 6:00 now. three teenagers are in the hospital this morning following a terrifying ordeal on a north bay beach. it happened on the marin county coast at tennessee valley beach yesterday evening. we have video of the dramatic rescue operation as it unfolded. anne makovec though is in
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walnut creek, that's where one of the teens is in critical condition. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. the good news is that all three teens were recovered. but one of them in bad shape, critical condition here, a 17- year-old girl. she was flown here to john muir hospital. all three teenagers were from marin county and check out this video of them being rescued yesterday evening. these pictures from chopper 5 even the rescuers as you can see there having a tough time with the heavy surf. this is near tennessee cove. they are hoisting a 17-year-old girl on a chp helicopter. she and two friends have been hanging out at the beach and didn't realize the tide was coming in. so this ended up stranded behind a rock. and they could not get back to the main beach when those waves started pounding. all three of them, two broke free and witnesses ran to help. >> she was too exhausted. she couldn't say anything. we just pulled her out and what we did we just took all our clothes and towels and just
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tried to warm her up as much as we can and we just ran back into the water to try to save the next girl. >> reporter: the next girl he is referring to is the 17-year- old who was swept out to sea. another man on the beach actually tried to rescue her, as well. he got caught in the currents and he had to be rest decide. and by the the chp and coast guard were able to get to the 17-year-old, she was unconscious but they loaded her into the helicopter and brought her here. so the last word on her condition was critical condition. the other two seemed to have minor injuries but were also taken to a local hospital. so we'll update you on these conditions as soon as they become available. frank? >> and did they give you any details on how she was injured, the teen there in walnut creek? >> reporter: no. they are not saying anything just that she was unconscious when they rescued her. they are not even saying exactly what condition she was when she arrived here at the hospital after that short helicopter ride but just when she got here she was in
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critical condition. >> anne makovec in walnut creek, thank you. a mysterious death for san jose police to investigate. a body was found in the water in coyote creek right there near capitol expressway. that was yesterday afternoon. there were no obvious signs of foul play. it is likely to take a couple of days for the coroner to identify the body and determine the cause of death. armed robbers hit an ice cream truck in marin city this week marking the city's sixth robbery since last month. officers say that three young men pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the ice cream vendor's stomach on tuesday and then demanded cash. they fled with $160. the suspects were seen wearing black hooded sweaters that covered their faces. today we can learn more about a deadly bart shooting in san francisco. the bart board of directors will discuss a general manager's report of the july 3rd incident. bart says officers opened fire after the man lunged at them with a knife inside the civic
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center station. the agency has promised to release surveillance video once that investigation is over. today university of california students expect to find out whether tuition is going up again in the fall. our anser hassan is in san francisco, where we understand i guess police barricades have already been set up? >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. police barricades have been set up. just over my shoulder, i don't know if you can see it in my picture. some uc regents have already arrived. regents meet today at ucsf mission bay campus. topping the agenda, another possible tuition increase. and here's what it means for students. the proposed rate hike would be a 9.6% increase in tuition. this in addition to an already passed 8% increase. combined it means uc college students will pay $1,900 more this year bringing the total to over $12,000 for the whole
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school year. and that doesn't include other expenses like room, board, books. student groups argue that the uc regents are not making higher education a priority. they say misplaced spending and poor budget decisions are to blame. uc regents, however, say the increase is necessary because of the budget cuts from the state. they defend their position saying that a rate increase is better than laying off staff or closing campuses which would hurt students more. if approved the increases will take effect immediately. they are expecting a lot of student protestors later this morning. the theme, disney characters. they are dressing up as disney characters to highlight what they say is that while they continue to make cuts to higher education, corporations like disney continue to win generous tax breaks from the state. >> are they giving any indication of how big they expect the protests to be? >> reporter: we're not sure. actually they were telling us there was a vigil last night
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which had low turnout and the csu protest they weren't as big as anticipated. but the cops will not take any risks and setting up barricades -- just over my shoulder here, so far no indication of any student protestors but they are not expected until 8 a.m. >> all right. definitely a heated issue. anser hassan live in san francisco, thank you. a little early for students at 6:00 in the morning if i remember correctly. >> christy, i have been wearing my winter coat lately. -- kristy, i have been wearing my winter coat lately. what's up with that! >> people want to wear summer clothes. there is hope in sight and sunshine in store already seen in our shot from mount vaca. clearer skies than yesterday at least inland. the clouds not going as far inland but significant temperature difference between yesterday and today as we look at some of the differences. we are ranging between minus 8 and minus 14 degrees compared to where we should be for this time year. so well below average and i'll tell you exactly when that
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warmup is going to happen. you will have to wait a little bit. here's the range, significant. 8 to 14 degrees. warmup on the way. let's go to gianna now and get a look at traffic. >> thank you, kristy. we are going to show you some video we shot earlier this morning of the trouble spot in san jose. this is a sinkhole at guadalupe parkway southbound right at alma. now, the off-ramp as well as the right lane completely shut down right now. this is southbound from 280 to al massachusetts they are saying noon until all of this is re-opened. if you jump to the maps, early as far as map goes. traffic is still fairly light. benicia bridge traffic looks good through there. and bart, ace, muni, caltrain all checking in problem-free. and still no metering lights at the bay bridge. so we are starting to see some extra volume. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. >> thank you. tense talks on that debt
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showdown. how one republican's idea reportedly forced president obama to abruptly end the budget meeting. >> plus, airline tickets for just four bucks? why one carrier is offering those ridiculously cheap seats. and squeezing more out of your wallet. the price hike for your morning orange juice. ,, ,,,, i know you're worried about making your savings last
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do something for it.
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show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. landmark. federal funding had been committed, to replace the siding of hangar one at moffett field. ye there are efforts to preserve a santa clara landmark. federal funding had been committed to save hangar one at moffett field. yesterday the house appropriations committee approved a new funding bill for nasa that eliminates the $33 million set aside for the project so that means the hangar's skeleton could be exposed for years. the original sighting has to be removed because it contains toxic chemicals. politicians will meet again today to try and find a solution to raising the nation's debt ceiling after talks ended abruptly on wednesday. republicans and democrats are still grappling on how to resolving a $134 billion budget shortfall by august 2. negotiations reportedly stopped
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suddenly when a frustrated president obama declared, quote, enough is enough, and stormed out of the meeting. >> the president sort of told the entire group that this is exactly what americans think of as washington at its worst. >> republican house majority leader eric cantor has proposed a temporary one-month debt increase while the white house is determined to get a long- term solution. will sarah palin run for president? we'll know by early september. the former alaska governor said she would make an announcement by then. she has recently made public appearances in battleground states. palin says she thinks she could beat president obama. they are calling it carmageddon. a freeway closure in southern california. how one airline is trying to help drivers out this weekend. >> getting them out of dodge. and taking obese kids away from miami and dad. the push for parents to lose custody for not controlling their kids' weight. it's a pretty pleasant day for flying today in san
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francisco, temperatures going to be cool. 62 as a high. a few low clouds as you take off today. and pleasant in the east, 76 in chicago. they are going to see partly cloudy skies, but a little bit of sunshine peeking through, as well. as you can see, farther to the east, seeing even warmer temperatures as you're landing in new york today. 83 is the high today. plenty of sunshine there. we'll have a full look at the bay area forecast in just a bit. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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a seventeen- year- old is in critical condition after she was rescued fr here's a look at today's top stories. a 17-year-old is in critical condition after being rescued from the ocean off the marin county coast. she was caught in a rip current after the rising tide trapped her and two friends in a cove. the friends are in stable condition. the giants fan who was beaten outside of dodger stadium is improving. bryan stow opened his mouth for a temperature reading. meantime las vegas police have arrested the girlfriend of the prime beating suspect, giovanni ramirez. in san francisco, university of california regent are set to vote today on another tuition increase. if approved, the total tuition would cost undergrads more than $12,000 a year. the question everybody has been asking is when do we get
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to put the coats away? today not quite time yet. still a little chilly, keeping the temperatures very cool and seeing plenty of cloud cover this morning. live look outside here from our roof cam, you can see the sunshine peeking through. and those clouds are not extending as far inland as yesterday. so a little more sunshine maybe than we saw yesterday. temperatures though still cool as you make your way out the door this morning. we are in the 50s for the most part. and the conditions inland are cloudy, also cloudy along the bay shores and at the coas with drizzle. cool conditions throughout the afternoon. plenty of sunshine though inland. temperatures making it to the mid-70s. around the bay mid-60s. at the coast, continuing to see those cloudy conditions though, gray skies if you are going to be at the beach and breezy. not sunshine there today, unfortunately. this is what it looks like outside now. cloud cover along the coastline, also pushing through the golden gate into the bay. inland
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spots warmer. cool weather, low hanging tight bringing us cool conditions, fog, cloud cover. it's been the same weather for several days now. temperatures today look like this. 69 for los altos, 72 santa clara, 73 los gatos. east bay 76 antioch and brentwood. 62 alameda. 72 today as a high in walnut creek. 69 for kentfield, 70 novato. napa 74. these conditions will be similar tomorrow. then the weekend a slight warmup and then we start to see a warmup take hold for the start of next workweek. temperatures bumping up to the high 80s closer to where they should be for july. that's a look at your forecast. to gianna now with a look at the roads. >> thanks. we are starting to see some slower speeds through the altamont pass. business as usual westbound loaded up around grant line. you're seeing 19 minutes to go westbound from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. antioch the same story. still looking good off the antioch bridge but, of course, things bog down as you go from hillcrest to loveridge, seeing speeds down to 17 miles per
6:19 am
hour through there. golden gate bridge one of our bright spots no delays, 10 minutes from 37 to 580 south 101. bay bridge still looking okay. no metering lights just yet but we are seeing extra volume as you approach the toll plaza. looks like some extra volume as well up the incline and across the upper deck into san francisco. if you want to use the san mateo bridge, not bad, 1 minutes between 880 and 101 -- 13 minutes between 880 and 101. 880 problem-free in both directions. chopper 5 is flying high up in the sky heading towards 880/101 connector in san jose. they are actually going to give us an aerial view of the trouble spot where we have been talking about on the guadalupe parkway. so again looks good 101 through san jose approaching 880. no delays there. but guadalupe parkway, we'll show you video now. that may be a different story especially later on today. we have a sinkhole. we saw video of it earlier north carolina. it's reported at alma off-ramp off southbound guadalupe parkway the right lane is closed as well as the off-ramp. they are saying noon as to when
6:20 am
these lanes will re-open so right now the morning commute still light. we are not seeing too many delays on guadalupe parkway. but, of course, that could change and we'll keep you updated. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. those cheap seats didn't last very long. >> jetblue has sold out of those four dollar airline tickets. but the flights are only from burbank to long beach, about 45 minutes. this is to help people get around during the upcoming carmageddon. crews are shutting down that busy 405 freeway this weekend so they can tear down a bridge. >> why not? i mean, pay four bucks a gallon in gas so you might as well spend 4 bucks for a flight 20 minutes, watch tv and not be stressed out. >> apparently a lot of people thought the same thing because jetblue sold out of those tickets in a matter of hours. amtrak and the area's metro bus service are also offering deals in order to help people get around. going it be a mess down there. >> you think so? if everyone is fearing that it's going to be a mess, maybe
6:21 am
people will actually get the message and stay off the roads. >> mark my words, i have lived down there. >> 60-mile backups are possible. just about 45 minutes ago the emmy nominations came out and i love this show... mad men leading the pack. >> i know. everybody always talks about that show. 19 nominations including best drama. now, other top nominees include boardwalk empire and another big favorite, modern family. the good wife on cbs, earned nods for best tv drama and julianna margulies got a nomination for best actress. all the awards will be presented on september 18. real housewives didn't make the list. >> there is a reason for that. >> you don't watch mad men? >> no. >> even just for the clothes, elizabeth. >> for the what? >> clothes. >> clothes, yeah. >> it's amazing stuff. all right. 6:21. your breakfast just got more expensive. why orange prices are at record highs. >> and it is the talk of
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an aerial view of southbound 87 at alma where the right lane an off-ramp are closed due to a sinkhole. details for the morning commute
6:25 am
coming up. a geyserville restaurant owned by a well-known hollywood icon will re-open today after a small fire last night. rustic owned pie francis ford coppola had to be evacuated around 7 chocolate night. a fiber erupted in the kitchen chimney. 75 people were evacuated. the blaze was put out by the restaurant's sprinkler system. the cause of the fire not known. the price of orange juice is skyrocketing and could soon hit record highs this winter. the cost of concentrated oj has risen more than 7% since the beginning of the year to just over $5 a pound. a drought in florida and dwindling inventories in brazil have triggered the hike. california oranges are typically the smaller navel variety for eating rather than drinking. should parents of extremely obese kids lose custody of their children?
6:26 am
a boston doctor and lawyer affiliated with harvard say yes. they published an editorial in the journal of the american medical association saying intervention is sometimes the only answer. they are talking about only extreme cases of childhood obesity which can be life- threatening. okay. it is 6:26. coming up, california lawmakers trying to make changes when it comes to the law and missing children. the new bill inspired by the casey anthony trial. plus, new developments in the bryan stow beating case. how stow's recovery is progressing. and caught between a rock and pounding waves. the rescue last night that has landed a teenager here in the hospital in critical condition. we'll show you the picture coming up. police barricades are up to keep student protestors out. the hot button decision that will be made here in san francisco that will affect college students across the state. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm elizabeth wenger. frank has the morning off. time is 6-- k look at good mornin. it's july 14. friday is right around the corner! i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. frank has the morning off and the next couple of mornings off. time now is 6::29. let's start off with a quick look at traffic and weather.
6:30 am
>> how's it going? >> going well. almost time for a warmup. temperatures outside now consistent neighborhood by neighborhood because that cloud cover we have outside right now. 54 for san rafael, 56 in redwood city. gianna has traffic. >> a sinkhole in san jose, and traffic is stacking up on the bay bridge. they just turned on the metering lights. more in a minute. back to you guys. a teenager is in critical condition this morning after she was swept away from a north bay beach. the 17-year-old girl was rescued from the ocean. a rip current pulled her away from tennessee valley beach on the marin county coast. and our anne makovec is in walnut creek this morning where the girl is still in the
6:31 am
hospital. >> reporter: the 17-year-old girl is here at john muir hospital in walnut creek. that's where she was flown after the rescue the three girls on the beach all from marin county. the 17-year-old is in critical condition. the rescuers as you can see there are having a tough time with that surf. this is at muir beach near tennesee cove. they are hoisting a 17-year-old girl onto a chp helicopter. she and two friends were hang out at the beach. they didn't realize the tide was coming in and they ended up stranded behind a rock and they couldn't get back to the main beach when the waves started pounding. here's how a witness describes it. >> so they are hanging out. the tide was getting out. when they tried to walk back, the wave swept them out. they didn't have time to get
6:32 am
back around to the other side. >> reporter: the other two got back to shore on their own but the 17-year-old was swept out to sea. a man on the beach tried to rescue her. then he got caught in the currents, as well. he was just fine in the end. but by the time rescuers got to the girl, she was unconscious. she is in the worst shape of the three. the other two went to a hospital closer to marin county. the 17-year-old here in critical condition. we'll update you on her condition as that becomes available. elizabeth? >> okay, anne makovec live for us this morning in walnut creek, thank you. the coroner in san jose is trying to find out what killed a person whose body was found near a golf course. investigators say a initialer man found the body -- a fisherman found the body in coyote creek last night north of capitol expressway. the body is still unidentified. the giants fan who was beaten after the season opener
6:33 am
against the dodgers is improving. bryan stow's family says on their website that his mouth opened for a thermometer on monday. stow is recovering at sf general more than three months after being beaten outside dodger stadium. meanwhile, las vegas police have arrested the girlfriend of the prime beating suspect, giovanni ramirez. she pled not guilty to unrelated drug and weapons charges. the lapd says that the woman is a person of interest in the stow beating case. protests are expected today as university of california regents are likely to approve yet another tuition increase. anser hassan joins from us san francisco where that vote is planned for today. good morning, anser. >> reporter: good morning, grace. yeah, police barricades are already up in anticipation of a student showdown later today here at the ucsf-mission bay campus. they will be protesting the regents meeting and on that
6:34 am
agenda, another round of rate hikes. uc regents will vote on a 9% increase in tuition for all 10uc schools. that in addition to an 8% increase already approved for the fall semester. so combined, that means students will pay an extra $1,900 this year, and over $12,000 in total for the school year. that doesn't include room, board, books or other expenses. the recently passed california state budget cut $650 million from higher education. so uc regents are poised to increase tuition to help fill the gap. they say the rate increase is better than the alternative, such as cutting staff or closing satellite campus and point to improvements like this new campus here at uc mission bay but student groups disagree. they say misplaced spending and poor budget decisions are to blame. they are also concerned about recent pay increases to some uc executives. now, if approved, this will be
6:35 am
the ninth increase in just the past eight years. another interesting note, the student protestors are going to dress up as disney characters. they say doing so is to highlight that while higher education is cut in the state, big corporations like disney continue to receive big tax breaks. grace? >> all right. we'll be watching. anser hassan in san francisco, thank you. time now is 6::35. time for an update on traffic. first to weather. clouds at the coast pushing into the golden gate not as far inland as yesterday and we have sunshine in store for this afternoon. but it is a little chilly relatively speaking. you can see the differences from where we're supposed to be seasonally to where we are today. pretty significant ranging between 8 and 14 degrees below average. definitely keeping it on the cooler side. there is a warmup in store though and i'll tell you when you can put that winter coat
6:36 am
away in just a little bit. but let's check in with gianna first and see how we're doing on those roadways. >> thank you, kristy. we have some video we shot earlier in this trouble spot in san jose of guadalupe parkway, a sinkhole that's causing problems this morning. this is southbound guadalupe parkway -- we'll get that video in just a second -- guadalupe parkway southbound right at alma. the off-ramp is shut down as well as the right lane. again it could cause problems for the morning commute because they are saying at least noon as to when all the stuff will be cleared up. southbound 87 right lane shut down. let's go to the maps. we have reports of an injury accident working your way through antioch westbound 4 near a street. motorcycle involved possible lanes blocked, as well. it is causing a backup in an already congested area. we are slow anyway from hillcrest to loveridge. 12 miles per hour in some spots. also the altamont pass stacking up, 20 minutes right now westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680. we'll check the bay bridge coming up. back to you. >> thank you. california legislators want to introduce a new bill inspired by the casey anthony
6:37 am
trial. caylee's law would make it a crime to fail to quickly report a child's disappearance or death. they are seeking this change after anthony was acquitted of murder in her 2-year-old daughter's death. this bill would make it a felony not to report a missing child within 48 hours or a child's death within two hours. there are similar bills pending in at least 17 other states. robbers held up an ice cream truck at gunpoint in marin city marking the 6th robbery since last month. three young men pointed a semi- automatic pistol at the ice cream vendor's stomach on tuesday, according to officers, and demanded cash. they ran away with about $160. the suspect was seen wearing black hooded sweatshirts that could have had their faces. and in just a few hours from now, the bart board of directors will discuss the deadly shooting at the civic center station in san francisco. they are expected to focus on the general manager's report of the july 3 incident. bart says officers opened fire
6:38 am
after the man lunged at them with a knife. the agency has promised to release surveillance video once the investigation is complete. some backlash this morning about two federal agents from i.c.e. who are now working side by side with san jose police. more than 100 people gathered at the sacred heart community service center last night to ask chief chris moore to get rid of the two agents. latino community leaders say neighbors have stopped reporting crimes because they fear deportation. the chief addressed the crowd with the help of a translator. >> people are getting killed. i have to do something. [ foreign language ] >> people are sad at this point but more than sad we're really energized and it just brings us together even more to continue to fight against this and be able to look for real solutions. >> chief moore says the agents will be closely supervised and that they will only be looking
6:39 am
for gang members. he says he is staking his reputation on this decision. time now 6:38. tensions are running high at the white house debt talks. the threat by one credit agency that may help break the logjam. plus the countdown is on for harry potter fans everywhere. does the final movie work its magic? ah, we have liam mayclem weighing in on it. >> we will find out. and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. taking a check on the early numbers, there you go, all up so far. dow jones industrial average up 3 points. coming up, we'll have a full update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we'll start off with breaking news. out of oakland, we have police activity at the intersection near chabot and ivanho. lots of activity on scene. we are getting more information in, but again police activity. we have a news crew and chopper 5 headed to the scene. and as soon as that information comes in we'll be sure to get it to you. right now, let's jump to the freeways and get you updated on the morning commute. here's a live look at oakland northbound 880. not too bad as you head into the maze, southbound 880
6:43 am
problem-free. you're accident-free all the way to hayward, 15 minutes northbound towards the maze. once you get to the bay bridge, a bit of a backup. metering lights are on so a little slow. in fact, those sluggish conditions continue up the incline. you will see extra volume across the upper deck into san francisco. not bad though if you are commuting out of san francisco into oakland. it may slow you down here. we have a stalled vehicle westbound 24 connector to eastbound 580 blocking the roadway. tow crews are on scene. also, antioch we are dealing with some slow and go conditions. accident westbound highway 4 near a street. it was blocking lanes but look at that. it's actually improved just a bit. they may have got it over to the right shoulder. we're still seeing some slightly slower speeds between hillcrest to loveridge but a bit of an improvement. we have been monitoring the situation in san jose. we have southbound guadalupe parkway between 280 and alma where the right lane is still shut down for a sinkhole as well as the alma off-ramp so again they are saying noon until those lanes will re-open if not later than that. so it's going to take time to clear. right now 101 is probably your best bet to avoid any delays and as you work your way
6:44 am
through 2 8not bad, downtown -- 280 not bad, downtown san jose problem-free. 880/237 looking good. here's kristy with your forecast. i'm ready for the warmup. >> everybody is. today we are not quite there yet. continuing to see cool conditions outside and cloud cover as well as you can see here in this shot around the bay. a little bit of cloud cover, sun peeking through. going to see some sun by this afternoon and temperatures though cool out the door this morning. partly cloudy start inland. cloud cover all day at the coast and drizzle. inland 70s, mild conditions same as yesterday. the bay a mix of sun and clouds making it to the mid-60s there. coastline staying gray all day long, could see breezy conditions, and might see a little drizzle there as well this afternoon. so cloud cover not stretching quite as far inland as we saw yesterday. so you can see here on satellite still seeing plenty
6:45 am
of clouds here along the coastline and pushing through into parts of the bay, as well. a little bit of clearing around the bay by this afternoon. that low slowly sliding through keeping us cool throughout the bay area and bringing that fog as well and we are going to warm up eventually but for today those temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average for july. 69 is the high today in los altos. same story for mountain view. 71 the high in milpitas, 7 campbell and los gatos. 65 the high in oakland. 72 in walnut creek. and 76 is the high in antioch and in brentwood. in the north bay similar conditions mix of 60s and 70s. cool at stinson beach, napa 74. benicia 68 degrees today. this pattern continues for tomorrow. you're seeing similar conditions here and then this weekend, slight warmup in store and then we really start to warm up as we make our way into monday, tuesday and wednesday. so bumping those temperatures up into the high 80s, closer to
6:46 am
where we should be for july. those inland locations nice and warm. and mostly sunny skies. back to you, ladies. >> wait until sunday. [ laughter ] >> all right. new numbers this morning on unemployment and retail sales. here's jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning, grace. good morning, elizabeth. some decent news for the job market for a change. first time weekly unemployment claims dropped by 22,000 last week to 405,000 the lowest in three months. need to see that get below 400,000 but after the past two disappointing reports for may and june, we'll take any decent news on the job market. absolutely critical to getting the economy going in the right direction because that will fuel consumer spending. as a result of the weak job market, we didn't see a whole lot of consumer spending in june. retail sales increased by only .1%. and that was mainly a function of higher automobile sales. you factor those out, sales are flat. and in the drop in oil prices,
6:47 am
as a result gasoline prices, really socked it to gas stations. sales dropped 1.3%. and that drop in oil prices also impacted wholesale side inflation that fell about .4% last month. and that will probably result in a drop for consumer inflation, as well. that's good news for the fed as it tries to balance low employment as well as higher inflation over the prior year. the u.s. debt dilemma continues to confound the markets. moody's warning that it may have to downgrade the u.s. credit rating if a debt deal is not struck by that august deadline. that could have a big impact on the market. stock market right now is heading in a positive direction thanks to the dro in unemployment. all three indices are up. after the closing bell we'll get the 2nd quarter earnings report from google. it's expected to show that its costs are rising quite a bit.
6:48 am
a lot of analysts think it spent $200 million in the quarter in launching the latest social networking exercise google plus. back to you guys. >> just excited about the decent jobless report. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, the key thing is you need to see a trend. one week is not enough. we need to see this trend continue for several weeks before we can start feeling better about things. >> let's hope it does. jason brooks with kcbs and, thank you. i'm getting excited because the countdown is on. we have only 17 hours until the final harry potter movie is released. >> you're going to be watching the midnight screening? >> i might be. >> we have a 2:00 wake-up call. [ laughter ] liam mayclem is the host of "eye on the bay." >> just looking at my watch because i also am excited and i'm counting down. >> are you really wearing a watch? >> no, pretend. but these are real. ladies and gentlemen, the counsel is on, the most successful franchise in movie history comes to a brilliant and satisfying crescendo with
6:49 am
the release at midnight tonight. it is tonight. you're excited but you are not. i can't believe it. but let me tell you about the film. "harry potter and the deathly hallows 2" in this story we embark on one last trip in harry's magical universe . we see them go head to head with the evil character superbly played by ralph feinnes. hog wart school is as much the star of this final film. lots of action, smart dialogue, a cast of britain's finest actors plus superb direction make this as fine and as dark a potter film as you will ever see. ladies, i highly recommend it. it is utterly, utterly brilliant. there we go. >> so you saw the whole thing? >> saw the whole thing. >> wasn't disappointing? >> not at all. >> a lot of times the endings aren't as good as the beginning. >> because there is so much hype around it.
6:50 am
they deliver on every, single note. and honestly, you just have to see it tonight at midnight. check your local listings because it's all over the place. >> are you staying up to watch it? >> absolutely. >> again? >> i will be there and i'll be excited. >> dressed up in full potter gear. take a photo. >> let's talk arts. artist laura kinton is inviting you to an art reception this saturday from 2:00 until 5:00 at the mclaughlin gallery on geary in san francisco. laura is there every year. she creates around burly men. there is laura herself. this exhibition, flying solo, it's a stunning perspective of her impressive body of work. it's ee collective and brilliant. there you go. if you want to meet her in person, soak up the art, do so, mclaughlin gallery saturday 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and you can join me this saturday as we count down to sf
6:51 am
chefs every week in july every saturday different demos of different chefs. last week was with charles slanted door. i'll be at the ferry plaza this saturday from 2 to 4 with another couple of star chefs. it's on the embarcadero. the ferry plaza, saturday at 2:00. come on down. and cocktails this weekend, big ferry plaza event. finally, ladies, i have to say to you, bonjour, today's is bastille day. have a great day. and i will actually be with deejay and chef keller tonight at ruby skye in san francisco. >> i think you may have the best job in the world. >> no, you do. come on now. so yes, i know it's thursday but get your weekend started early tonight and see us at ruby skye and, of course, all the info on all the events at including my interviews with the harry potter stars. there you go. have a great one. >> french food for lunch. [ foreign language ] >> liam mayclem host of "eye on
6:52 am
the bay," thank you. time now 6:51. going to college is going to get more expensive. >> how uc students plan to protest a potential tuition hike, coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
i know you're worried about making your savings last
6:54 am
and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. of oakland: a criminal investigation is underway in the
6:55 am
city's rockridg right now we have breaking news in oakland. a criminal investigation is under way right now in the city's rockridge district. now, this after firefighters found something burning on ivanho road earlier this morning. this is near 24 and claremont and college avenues. we understand there are unconfirmed reports right now that a body was found burning in the middle of the street. police have yet to confirm those reports but a fire dispatch we're only say that crews were called to the scene and that this incident is now a police matter. today university of california students expect to find out if their tuition is going to be going up again this fall semester. anser hassan is in san francisco, where they have already put up police barricades, haven't they, anser? >> reporter: that's right, grace. police barricades run to keep student protestors out. the uc board of regents meets here today. they are going to decide if
6:56 am
they will increase tuition costs for uc students. the proposed increase is a 9% tuition hike. it's in addition to an 8% hike already passed. that will bring undergraduate tuition this year to over $12,000. student groups say poor budget decisions and misspending are the real cause for uc's financial problems. regents argue more cuts from the state forces them to raise tuition and fees. if approved, the increase will be immediate and take effect this semester in five weeks. the student protestors are planning a disney theme. they say they will dress up as disney characters to highlight while the state makes cuts to education, big business gets tax breaks from the state. >> thank you, anser hassan. a teenager is in critical condition after she was swept away from a marin county beach. the 17-year-old girl was rescued from the ocean at tennessee valley beach. she and two friends were
6:57 am
trapped in a cove when the tide came n when they tried to get out, a rip turned pulled her away. a good samaritan helped her get out of the ocean. her two friends were also rescued. they are in stable condition. it's getting busy on the roads. let's go to gianna franco with the very latest. >> yeah. in fact, we are getting new information into the newsroom about a new accident in san francisco at the intersection of octavia and hayes and we are getting unconfirmed reports that a car hauler, some sort of a flatbed, may be involved. it might have hit a pedestrian. serious injuries have been reported. we are trying to get more information. expect the intersection to be closed or some delays in and around that area. of course we'll continue to keep you updated. if you rick tack the central freeway though -- if you're taking the central freeway through san francisco no problems in both directions. ivanho at chabot the intersection is shut down because of police activity. louise at 34th in oakland a transformer fire.
6:58 am
they have lanes blocked. avoid that intersection. new reports of an accident westbound 237 right at north first. it is blocking lanes. we are seeing some delays as a result. elsewhere if you are dealing with or if you are heading to guadalupe parkway, trouble spot, sinkhole southbound 87 at alma. off-ramp and right lane are shut down. kristy has the forecast. >> thank you. another cool one out there today, but plenty of sunshine especially inland. we are going to keep temperatures in the mid-70s in our inland location 60s around the bay, 50s at the coast. similar for friday but look at the weekend, gradual warmup and we continue with that warmup into monday, tuesday, wednesday. should be in the mid- to high 80s at that point and for this sunday, though not going to be a warm one for the aids walk in san francisco. we are going to look at partly cloudy conditions temperatures about 59 degrees. this event is at golden gate bridge. cool conditions for the walkers but the weekend should have some sunshine and a little bit warmer temperatures throughout
6:59 am
the rest of the bay area. back to you. >> thank you. the u.s. women's soccer team is headed to the finals of the world cup. >> cheney everywhere taking the kick and it's a goal! abby wambach again! usa ahead! and are they heading to the world cup finals with this one? >> such a great play. i could watch it over and over again. that's abby wambach. she provided that tie breaking goal yesterday in the semifinals. she is known as the heart of the team. they ended up beating france 3- 1 in the very end. the americans will now play japan for the title for the world cup title on sunday. it is the first u.s. appearance in the finals since they won it all in 1999. look at her charging in there. but where did she come from?! i'm sure the goalie was thinking the same thing. >> whoo! >> amazing stuff. so got to watch the women 11:45 on sunday. >> sports bars. civic center san francisco on the big screen. >> lots of places

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